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Amelia Walk Q&A’s


Most Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. PARKING – Personal vehicles can be parked in the garage, driveway or street (adhering to community parking resolution map). Commercial vehicles can only be stored inside a closed garage.

    Boat/RV/Trailer Parking – Boats, trailers, RV’s or other non-personal passenger vehicle may be parked or stored onsite, as long as they are kept in a closed garage. Recreational vehicles may be parked in the driveway, not blocking the sidewalk for no more than 24 hours for loading or cleaning and no more than two times per month.

  2. TRASH CANS- Trash cans must be stored inside of the garage or behind an APPROVED vinyl fence or privacy hedge. Cans may be placed in the driveway the evening before collection and must be stored the same day as collection. Cans may not be placed blocking the sidewalk or in the roadways.

  3. Pets – All animals must be on a leash controlled by a responsible party while on property, all waste must be cleaned and disposed of properly. Electronic fences are only allowed as a secondary measure to contain pets, it is not a substitute for a leash or physical ARB APPROVED fence.

  4. Satellites – An APPROVED ARB is required for installation of all satellite dishes or antennas. They may be installed in the rear corner of the roof, so to make it inconspicuous from the street. Poles may be approved if a vinyl fence or privacy hedge is installed and only in close proximity to the home.

  5. HOA Access – You may access your communities webpage by visiting www.AmeliaWalkHOA.com

  6. Amenity Access – Fobs are issued during your closing. The required new homeowner form must be returned to the HOA manager for activation of key fobs.

  7. Pool Policy – Each homeowner may have up to 5 guests. The pool is open from sunrise to sunset only. No glass containers, food or open containers are allowed. All children who are not toilet trained must wear a rubber diaper over any swimsuit or disposable diapers. All diapers must be properly bagged and disposed of.

  8. Exterior Changes – All exterior changes must have an APPROVED ARB including but not limited to gutters, fences, landscaping. Please visit your HOA website for more details.

Q: Who is the Developer? Builder?

A: The Developer is Green Pointe Communities, LLC. The Builders are AV Homes/Taylor Morrison, Lennar and Richmond American.

Q: What are the construction hours within the community?

 A: 7:00 AM to Sunset per the Architectural Criteria

Q: Does Evergreen have an onsite office/Employee?

 A: Yes, Evergreen maintains an onsite office at 85287 Majestic Walk Blvd., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034. Michael Molineaux is the LCAM and Facility Manager.

Q: When and where does the Community Development District ("CDD") Board of Directors Meet?

A: The CDD Board of Directors meets every third Tuesday of each Month at 2:00 PM in the Social Room at the Amelia Walk Amenity Center located at 85287 Majestic Walk Blvd., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Q: How do I obtain the Amelia Walk Governing Documents?

A: The Governing Documents can be obtained by clicking on the Docs/Info tab at the top of this page and then clicking on "Governing Documents" on the toolbar on the left.

Q: How do I get new or replacement Amenity Center access card?

A: Please contact Michael Molineaux by phone at 877-221-6919 or e-mail at MMolineaux@Evergreen-LM.com to set up an appointment to pick up your new or replacement access fobs. A completed Access Card Agreement will be required if you are a new residents. A completed Access Card Update Form will be required if you are an existing resident requesting additional or replacement fobs. Both forms can be found by clicking on the Docs/Info tab at the top of this page and then clicking on "Forms" on the toolbar on the left. All new residents receive two (2) new cards at no charge. All additional or replacement fobs will come with a $25.00 charge.

Q: What are the hours of operation for the Amelia Walk Amenity Center/Fitness Center?

A: 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM Monday through Sunday

Q: What are the pool hours?

A: Dawn to Dusk

Q: How many guests may a resident have at the Amenity Center at any one time?

A: Five (5)

Q: How do I obtain an ARB Application?

A: An ARB Application can be obtained by clicking on the Docs/Info tab at the top of this page and then clicking on "Forms" on the toolbar on the left

Q: Is there a fee for submitting an ARB Application?

A: All ARB Applications will be accompanied by a Fifty Dollar ($50.00) Application & Inspecting Fee and a One Thousand Dollar ($1,000.00) Completion Deposit. The ARB Committee has the right to waive the fee and deposit at their discretion.

Q: What is the timeframe for an Architectural Review Committee approval process?

A: 30 days

Q: How do I obtain an Amenity Center Rental Application?

A: An Amenity Center Rental Application can be obtained by can be found by clicking on the Docs/Info tab at the top of this page and then clicking on "Forms" on the toolbar on the left.

Q: What is the Amenity Center Rental Application Fee?

A: The Amenity Center Social Room can be rented for One Hundred Fourteen Dollars ($114.00) for four (4) hours and Twenty-Six Dollars ($26.00) for each hour after that.

Q: How do I change my mailing address?

A: A change of mailing address form can be obtained by clicking on on the Docs/Info tab at the top of this page and then clicking on "Forms" on the toolbar on the left.

Q: Can I pay my assessments Online?

A: A resident may pay their yearly assessment online by clicking Pay Dues tab on the top. Resident will be redirected to a secure payment page where they will be required to register and wait for a confirmation e-mail and password. Once they have that information they will be able to log in and pay their assessment.

Q: Does the Association have pet restrictions/policy for the community?

A: Birds, fish, dogs, cats, reptiles, insects and all other non-human, non- plant livings organisms (collectively, "Animals") may be kept as pets only, and shall not be held or offered for sale or maintained or bred for any commercial use. Animals shall be sheltered inside Dwellings. No separate or exterior shelter for Animals shall be permitted. All Animals must be kept in a fully fenced area or leashed when outside and shall not be permitted to run loose. (THE WORD FENCE IN THIS SECTION MEANS BLACK PICKET ALUMINUM FENCE APPROVED BY THE ARB. ELECTRIC FENCES DO NOT SATISFY THE FENCE REQUIREMENT). No Animals shall be permitted to remain on the Property if it or they disturb the tranquility of the Property or the Owners or tenants thereof, if it or they are unlawful, dangerous, annoying, or a nuisance to or destructive of wildlife, or if it or they are specifically excluded from the Property by the Board after notice and hearing. Amelia Walk does NOT have a pet weight limit.

Q: Are there car and parking restrictions? If yes, what are they?

A: No vehicles may be parked on the property except on paved streets and paved driveways. No commercial vehicles of any kind shall be parked on Amelia Walk property except for construction or service vehicles temporarily present on business. A commercial vehicle for the purposes of this the rule shall mean any vehicle operated for the transaction of persons or property in the furtherance of any commercial or industrial enterprise, For-Hire or Not-For-Hire.

Q: Are "FOR SALE" or "FOR RENT" signs permitted?

A: Amelia Walk permits one (1) "FOR SALE" or "FOR RENT" sign not more than eight (8) square feet of surface area per side (two sides maximum) to be displayed or placed upon any lot without prior approval from the Architect Review Board. Political Signs are prohibited within Amelia Walk unless the lot owner requests and is given prior written approval by the Architectural Review Board.

Q: How do I report an emergency with the irrigation in a common area?

A: The Amenity Center and common areas are maintained by Trim-All Lawn Service. Trim-All can be reached by calling 904-491-3232.

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